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Lone Sentry: Unit History: 102d thru Germany


Map showing the separate battles involved in the Ozarks' fight to the Roer river. Small numbers in the arrows indicate the battalion; see note on the map for method of identifying each regiment.

XIII Corps moved to liquidate Geilenkirchen on 18 November when 84th Division troops attacked through, and were assisted by fire of CT 405. Only the day before a counterattack against Immendorf, launched from the east by crack panzer troops, had been beaten off. Company C, 771st TD Battalion received a unit citation for knocking out sixteen German tanks in this fight, one of the greatest tank battles of the war. The citation reads as follows:

On 16 November 1944, Company C, 771st Tank Destroyer Battalion, was given the mission to secure the town of Immendorf, Germany, against armored counterattacks. After the destroyers had moved up and barely occupied their positions, two approaching justifyspacer

enemy tanks were sighted and quickly destroyed. When the attack proceeded the following day, the Company moved into Apweiler, Germany, so that the exposed flank of the assault units could be covered. During the night, reconnaissance revealed that the enemy was massing tanks to the north. To meet the threat, a reinforcing platoon was brought up and suitable positions were occupied. At break of dawn, the enemy attacked. Fire was withheld until the attackers were within five hundred yards of the positions; then, in the course of five minutes of accurate and well timed fire, seven enemy tanks were destroyed and the balance forced to withdraw. Two other armored attacks were repulsed on the same day, causing the destruction of five additional tanks. During the night, the company reorganized to prepare for the attacks on Gereonsweiler which started at eleven hundred hours the next day. Only a few minutes justifyspacer

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