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Lone Sentry: Unit History: 102d thru Germany


were practically demolished. 548th AAA AW Battalion actually enjoyed a field day. They knocked down five FW 190s and one JU 88. Good shooting for Joes who in three long months of watching and waiting seldom had a good shot at a German plane.
During the early weeks of January the enemy continued to illuminate our forward areas with a large assortment of flares of all colors and descriptions. One hundred flares were counted in a single night along a front of six miles. The variety of these pyrotechnics was equalled if justifyspacer
not surpassed by his propaganda. Leaflets written in Russian, leaflets addressed to the 84th Division, leaflets designed to seduce British troops, were widely shelled over our front lines. By 16 January, however, Poppe had either recovered his senses or replenished his stock of literature for messages fluttering into Roerdorf were addressed to the "Boys of the 102d" and "To the poor Devils of the 102d". The Ozarks' only gripe concerned the fact that there never were enough leaflets to go around. As souvenirs, demand far exceeded supply.
[Three examples of the many propaganda leaflets shelled into Ozark lines during December and January]

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