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Lone Sentry: Unit History: 102d thru Germany

[Assault boats] [Footbridge Roer]
[Roer crossing] [Roer crossing]
[Roer crossing] [Weasel 327th Eng]

These pictures were taken by Pfc Larry Darcy from McKee's Rocks, Pennsylvania, who haunted the river bank as soon as daylight broke on the morning of 23 February the day of the big push across the Roer. Top left shows assault boats piled against debris by the furious currents which swept out two support bridges. Top right, troops crossing under sniper and mortar fire carry ammunition to bridgehead forces. Lower right, A and P men of 407th Infantry wait, with loaded Weasel, to cross the river. By this time enemy mortar fire had ceased. Other pictures show engineers of the 327th Engineer Combat Battalion building additional bridges late in the morning.

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