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Lone Sentry: Unit History: 102d thru Germany

[Traffic jam on a Rhineland road]
Traffic jam on a Rhineland road. Supply and administrative vehicles wait to cross a bridge. justifyspacer
Key to Krefeld. The Germans were successful in demolishing only one span of this important road bridge across the Niers Canal north of Viersen.
[Key to Krefeld, bridge across Niers Canal north of Viersen]

The two assault regiments attacked with the 406th Infantry on the left and the 405th Infantry on the right, their objective being the south half of the city of Krefeld. The 2d Battalion, 406th Infantry, pushing across the canal from Rahser at 0730, and moving along the Division's left flank and on the north side of the Viersen-Krefeld railroad, had a comparatively easy time of it. There was some initial resistance from four 20mm anti-aircraft guns, but this was neutralized by Company E on the left in conjunction with the fires of the 380th FA Battalion. Thereafter the Battalion advanced steadily until it emerged from a patch of woods into a flat and treeless plain due south of St Tonis and about 500 yards from the city. Here it was held up for an hour by small arms and mortar fire, and was forced to resort to fire and movement. A heavy artillery concentration, together with tank and tank destroyer fires, preceded an assault at 1715 in coordination with the 1st Battalion on the right. The 2d Battalion then moved straight into Krefeld, going about three quarters of the way through before it was halted by regimental order, The final stages of the attack had been justifyspacer
swift and smooth, and the supporting tanks of Company C, 701st Tank Battalion were able to cross the anti-tank ditch, in front of the city, in column without receiving any fire. The Battalion's left flank was exposed until 2400, and tanks, tank destroyers, and infantry served as road blocks during the night.
The 1st Battalion, 406th Infantry, on the right of the regiment's advance, progressed more slowly. This was because the enemy seemed better prepared to resist an approach along the south side of the Viersen-Krefeld railroad, where there were two good highroads, some patches of concealing woodland, and even some defilade. Moving out of Viersen at 0600, the 1st Battalion waited on the west bank of the Niers Canal until it had established contact with the 2d Battalion on its left, and, in somewhat tentative manner, with the 405th Infantry on its right. At 0745 it crossed the canal, and pushed rapidly through Anrath without a fight. Just beyond Anrath some opposition developed from a farmhouse and woods to the front, and from a few 20mm flak guns emplaced along the railroad to the left flank. The supporting tanks justifyspacer

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