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Lone Sentry: Unit History: 102d thru Germany

[Attached ordnance team checks an artillery piece] [Directions to the Rhine crossing]

Above, directions to the Rhine crossing. Left, attached ordnance team checks an artillery piece. Lower left, 102d CIC Detachment in Gutersloh screens civilians suspected of being German soldiers. Below, civilians migrating from battle areas often held up vital traffic.
[102d CIC Detachment in Gutersloh] [Civilians migrating from battle areas]
[406th Infantry reaches Mockern-Erxleben]

406th Infantry reaches Mockern-Erxleben, near Oster-burg and the Elbe river, and pauses to rest in the sun.
[Surrender the Gardelegen garrison]

The German airforce colonel just getting out of his sedan says that he wishes to surrender the Gardelegen garrison.

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