TM-E 30-451 Handbook on German Military Forces

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3. Grenades for Smooth Bore Signal Pistol (Leuchtpistole)

a. HIGH EXPLOSIVE PROJECTILE FOR SIGNAL PISTOL (Wurfkörper 361, Leuchtpistole). This projectile consists of the normal egg hand grenade with a stem screwed on in place of the powder train time fuze. The stem contains a powder train fuze (with a delay of approximately 4 1/2 seconds) with a No. 8 detonator at the upper end. In the lower end the projectile carries the cartridge (propellent charge with percussion cap) which expels the grenade and sets off the time fuze. The projectile is secured to the stem by a split pin and ring which must be withdrawn before the projectile is loaded into the signal pistol. The projectile is then armed. A removable liner must be inserted in the tube of the signal pistol before firing this grenade. The liner is inserted from the breech end and held in place by a projecting stud engaging with the upper surface of the breech. (See Section II for a description of signal pistols.)

b. HIGH EXPLOSIVE PROJECTILE FOR SIGNAL PISTOL. (Wurfgranatpatrone 326, Leuchtpistole). (1) General description. This projectile, which is painted yellow, has the appearance of a small mortar shell. It is attached to a signal cartridge case by crimping. The head is hollow and contains a fixed needle which is separated from a pellet containing the detonator assembly and a 7-gram (0.247 ounce) TNT bursting charge by a creep spring.

(2) Operation. A pin inserted through the tail of the bomb pushes two metal balls into a groove and thus prevents the pellet from moving forward against the needle. On firing the projectile is automatically armed, since the pin is left behind. On impact the pellet is thrown forward onto the needle.

c. HOLLOW CHARGE GRENADE FOR SIGNAL PISTOL (Panzerwurfkörper 42, Leuchtpistole). (1) General description. This grenade is fired up to a maximum range of 75 yards from the Leuchtpistole, using the reinforcing sleeve, stock, and combined front and rear sight. The grenade has a pear-shaped head containing the hollow charge and is fitted with an impact cap. The grenade tapers to form a tail tube with pre-rifling for screwing into the reinforcing sleeve. A thinner tube, containing the propellant, percussion cap, and a shearing and propelling bolt, is inserted into the end of the tail tube.

(2) Characteristics.

Weight of grenade   . . . . .   1 pound 5 ounces.
Diameter of head   . . . . .   2.4 inches.
Diameter of tail tube   . . . . .   0.875 inch.
Length of grenade   . . . . .   8.56 inches.

(3) Operation. The complete grenade is loaded into the pistol from the muzzle end. The propellent tube fits freely into the bore until the pre-rifled hand meets the muzzle of the reinforcing sleeve, when the grenade must be screwed into the rifling. On firing, the propellent gases drive the propelling and shearing bolt forward. This bolt breaks a shear pin in the front end of the propelling tube and discharges the grenade. The graze fuze in the tail tube is armed by set-back as the grenade leaves the pistol.

d. SMOKE EGG GRENADE (Nebeleihandgranate 42/II). This grenade reportedly can be fired from the Leuchtpistole. No details are available, however. It seems probable that the Nebeleigranate 42 has been modified for firing from the signal pistol, using the reinforcing sleeve, in the same way as the Eihandgranate 39 was modified to produce the Wurfkörper 361 L.P.

e. TIME FUZED HIGH EXPLOSIVE ROUND FOR SIGNAL PISTOL (Sprenggranatpatrone, Leuchtpistole mit Z.Z.). This is a new type of signal pistol ammunition designed for shooting from tanks or equivalent cover. The round consists of a heavy cased high explosive projectile with a 1-second time fuze in the base and a varnished steel cartridge case. Packing cases for these grenades bear the following inscription: "Achtung! nur aus Panzer oder gleichwertiger Decken verfeuern. Brennzeit I Sek." ("Danger! Only to be fired from tanks or equivalent cover. Time of burning 1 second.")


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